Eco-friendly thermal insulation

GreenRscreed at Old Mutual Green Building, Stella Rd, Sandton

This new 12-storey five-star Green Star rated development features GreenRscreed in 9 levels!

GreenRscreed was installed underneath Speedheat floor heating to prevent downward heat losses into the concrete slab.  This reduces reduce warming up times of the heating system, making the heating system responsive, resulting in on-demand heating - heating when you need it!  Energy wastage is largely reduced.

Other contributing factors that make this installation green are:

*With the installation of GreenRscreed, it is possible to install a low power heating system due to improved efficiency and response times.   The floor heating system is compatible with a Siemens BMS (Building Management System), contributing towards energy efficiency and lower operational costs.

*Soundproofing and weight-saving properties make GreenRscreed perfectly suited for this multi-level building.

*Compared to normal sand cement screeds, GreenRscreed is a lightweight screed, therefore reducing material use, transport costs and ultimately carbon footprint.

*GreenRscreed also acts as an effective decoupler from the substrate.  This means potential cracks in the concrete slab are unable to follow through to the floors.

*GreenRscreed is made from 100% recycled polystyrene and is recyclable.