Eco-friendly thermal insulation


StoploZTM GreenRscreed is a lightweight insulating floor screed which replaces conventional sand cement screed. 

GreenRscreed aggregate, made from 100% recycled EPS treated with a polymer additive, are mixed into builder's screed as a sand replacement to achieve ideal thermal insulating properties. 

This results in a lightweight insulating finishing screed, with soundproofing properties, making it especially suitable for new buildings and multi-storey buildings.

GreenRscreed is also used to insulate flat roof slab structures.

GreenRscreed materials:

  • 100% recycled polystyrene

  • Cement

  • Polymer additives


GreenRscreed can be mixed to different screed densities, achieving different R values and compressive strength requirements.  See below table:

Technical Specifications

R values and compressive strength

Features and Benefits

Comparing R1 values


It can be seen from the table below that GreenRscreed can achieve a R1 value at a thickness of only 65mm.



  • Perlite screed is not cost effective, nor recyclable.
  • Polystyrene is durable and a recycled material. GreenRscreed is also recyclable.

GreenRscreed carries a 7 year product warranty and accreditation certificates are issued with all installations.  Read more on GreenRscreed installation.

See also floor insulation boards for renovation projects.