Eco-friendly thermal insulation


StopLoz™ GreenRwall is a lightweight cavity wall insulation, suitable for 20mm - 80mm wall cavities.

Cavity wall insulation reduces heat loss through walls, making a significant difference in temperature in your home.  Comfort is improved and heating, as well as cooling bills are reduced.  Greater savings in energy consumption can be seen by adding cavity wall insulation to a home with existing ceiling insulation. 

Moisture condensing on the outer leaf cannot penetrate to the inner leaf of the wall. Without convection flow inside the cavity wall, there will be no condensation.  Cavity wall insulation virtually eliminates condensation and mould problems, creating healthier living conditions.

GreenRwall mix is either poured or pumped into the wall cavity, resulting in a 100% airtight cavity, leaving no issues for damp.

Cavity wall insulation also reduces sound transmission, protecting your home from unwanted exterior noise and reducing the impact of noise from within the home on your neighbours. 



GreenRwall materials:

  • 100% recycled polystyrene

  • Cement

  • Polymer additives


GreenRwall Technical Specifications


GreenRwall can be mixed to achieve different R value requirements.  See table below:

Comparing R Values of Constructions


The below images are a comparison of two constructions, an unfilled cavity wall and a filled cavity wall respectively.  The R values have been included for the individual respective materials. 

It can be noted that the unfilled cavity wall has a total R value of 0.42 compared to a total R value of R1.26 with GreenRwall.


GreenRwall Features and Benefits


Structural Advantages

  • 100% airtight wall cavity insulation
  • No damp issues
  • R1 achieved with a 50mm GreenRwall cavity.
  • Easily pumped or poured in.


GreenRwall carries a 7 year product warranty and accreditation certificates are issued with all installations.