Eco-friendly thermal insulation


KlimaBoard is a lightweight, reinforced floor insulation board made from extruded polystyrene.  Reinforced with fibreglass mesh and a cement slurry on both sides improves compressive strength and allows for effective application onto substrates.


KlimaBoard floor insulation boards are often installed underneath electric floor heating systems to reduce downward heat loss into the concrete slab, improving warming up times and reducing energy consumption.

KlimaBoard is available in different thicknesses, achieving different compressive strengths and R values.  Improvement in warming up times are also noted in the table below:

Technical Specifications



A closer look at KlimaBoard


Below is a typical example of a KlimaBoard installation with a floor heating system.  KlimaBoard is installed on top of the finishing screed, just underneath the electric floor heating system, reducing downward heat losses.


Exploded view of a typical undertile installation with KlimaBoard 10mm

Features and Benefits

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